Wakan Village oman

Explore Wakan Village: An Epic Hike Among Blossoming Flowers

Wakan Village Oman

Oman is a place of sublime beauty and a great tourist destination. Massive Rocky Mountains, stunning wadis, and beautiful beaches are mostly the center of attraction to tourists. However, the Villages of Oman are also not to be ignored and your Oman trip will be incomplete without visiting them.

In this article, I will describe a gorgeous Omani village you must visit. Surrounded by mountains, it is Oman’s famous Wakan village. Read to the end and you will know more about this unique and charming place.

Location and How to Go There

Wakan Village is a part of the Wilayat of Nakhal in the South Al Batinah region. It is located at the edge of the Al Dhakhiliyah Region amidst the massive Al Hazar Mountains and sits about 2000 kilometers above sea level. The distance from Muscat is 150 kilometers and it takes about two hours to reach. It is an ideal one-day short trip though you can add Jabal Al Akhdar with it too.

Going with a 4WD is essential if you want to reach the village parking area. The last part of the road is very steep and unpaved. Without a 4WD, you will have to stop at the dirt road and walk to the entrance for another 30-40 minutes.

Best Time to Visit

The temperature of Wakan Village is moderate and comfortable. You can go there any time of the year. During the winter season, you will see white fluffy clouds touch the mountain peak and get a clear view of the blue sky. In summer, though the clouds will be less, the weather will not be too hot. Also, there will be plants bearing fruits everywhere.

I recommend going anytime between March-May (Just before the summer starts) when the beautiful Apricot flowers bloom. You can see the white pearly flowers from a long distance if you go this season. In my eyes, the Apricot Blossom of Wakan Village is just as beautiful as the famous Cherry Blossom of Japan.

Key Attractions of the Tour 

Here comes the most awaited part. Like many other beautiful villages, Wakan too is full of surprises. I have compiled some notable attractions below:

  • Off-Road Sceneries

This trip will amuse you from the start. Driving towards the village will be an adventurous journey to the end. After driving for about 25 kilometers from Nakhal, you will start to ascend the mountain passing Wadi Mistal. On the way, you will experience the true beauty of the Omani Mountains.

The curve roads will take you through narrow gorges and reveal unparallel stunning nature. You will get half of the thrilling experiences on this journey. A village surrounded by raw, pristine mountains- what can be better than this?

  • Adventurous Hiking

The Wakan village hike will take you closest to nature. The path is about 1.5 kilometers and anyone can complete it by taking rests at intervals. You will find more than 700 steps going on top of the mountains across the terraced gardens for tourists. Once you start the hike following the paved stairs, you will see places for rest and viewpoints at different levels. Every view will look different at each viewpoint.

You can go to the top of the mountain to take on more challenges. Remember after the paved stairs, you will have to walk on loose rocks through the edge of the cliff. By following the flag signs, you can reach the top spot. However, you don’t have to go till the end to enjoy the perfect view. You will see beautiful mountains, waving clouds, and beautiful views of Wadi Mistal with stunning green plantations from above.

  • Exploring Wakan Village 

Besides going to the top of the mountains, you must explore the beautiful Wakan Village which will introduce you to authentic Omani culture. The village still functions in Oman’s traditional falaj system used for irrigation and drinking for the inhabitants. Agriculture is the backbone of the village and trees of apricot, pomegranate, grapes, and figs are all clustered here and there.

The terraced garden of Wakan village is one of the most charming scenes. During Apricot Blossom, the whole area turns white picturesque. You will see colorful butterflies roaming around from flower to flower. During the harvesting season, the village people turn into a festive mood and collect golden-colored apricot in baskets.

Wakan Village will always mesmerize you with its scenic beauty and uniqueness no matter which season you go.

Things to Remember During the Trip

  1. There will be no shops for food and snacks nearby. Make sure you take adequate food and water before going.
  2. Though in summer the temperature remains moderate, sunny weather might cause trouble during hiking. Use sunblock to protect your skin. You can also take an umbrella.
  3. Unlike traditional tracking routes, trails here pass through the local house areas. You must not go beyond the marked area for regular pathways and respect the privacy of the locals.
  4. Though it’s comparatively easy hiking, you should use proper footwear to give you a smooth hiking experience.
  5. Don’t pick fruits and flowers from the gardens since locals are dependent on them.
  6. It’s just like any other regular household. Avoid littering and try to keep the place clean.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I bring my kids there?

Yes. The hiking can be done by children and older people. You will have options to take rests at regular intervals in those resting points. So, it will be okay for the children. You only have to keep an eye on them.

How to identify hiking tracks?

After the paved stairs, you will find colorful flags (Yellow, Green) on the stones directing you to the trails. Follow those signs carefully and you are good to go the right way.

Final Words 

Wakan village might seem like other traditional villages, but the geographical location gives it a unique character hard to find. You will not understand it until you come here. Stunning sceneries and the pristine life of the village here will allow you to spend quality time among the nature of Oman. If you want a place for a one-day trip, you can consider Wakan Village right away!

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