Guide to the hike and hidden beach in Bandar Al Khairan.

Oman is a country that contains some exquisite tourist destinations with many attractive features. Today I’ll be talking about such a place which offers so many attractions that you would be amazed. The place is none other than Bandar Al Khairan. This coastline in the west of Muscat is a popular holiday destination with some beautiful landscape and will give you a lifetime memorable experience if you visit.

All you need is some fresh breezes to charm yourself after a long hectic week. However, it becomes tricky to choose a place for lack of time and transportation facilities. But not in case of Bandar Al Khairan. It is one of the easily accessible places from Muscat due to the location.

Hike Information

4-5 hours

6.46 KM


Round Way

How to go there (photo details)

Step 1
Tab 2

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