Sidab hike

Why Sidab Hike Is So Famous? Map- Guide| Everything You Need to Know About.

Sidab Hike

A place very near the city life yet full of amusements and remote feeling is a dream destination for everyone, isn’t it? Sidab Beach of Oman is such type of beautiful coastal area. Attractions like trekking, fishing, and swimming make this place a center of attention for the city people.   

In this article, I will tell you everything you need to know about the beautiful Sidab Beach. Read till the end and you will know all the information that will help you throughout the journey.   

Sidab Beach Location and How to Go There   

Sidab hike location is not far from Muscat and only a few kilometers away from the famous Al-Alam Palace. The distance is almost 26 kilometers from the capital and will take less than half an hour to reach there by car.   

If you come from Old Muscat or Muttra, you’ll find the starting point of the trek left of the main road at the entrance of Sidab village. There is a car parking area and a sports ground. Your Sidab coastal trek will start from a cemetery gate that leads to the mountainous trail. (Google Map)  

Best Time to Go  

Sidab Beach is one of those places where you can go all year round and trek any time. Options for the boat ride are also open throughout the year. However, avoid the winter season if you want to try the water activities like snorkeling. Waters in winter will be too cold to tolerate. You can still give a boat ride and do fishing though. Also, the rainy season is bad for trekking since the rocks become slippery after rainfall. Other seasons are fine for all the activities.   

Precautions to Take Before Going Sidab Hike  

Sidab Coastal Trek is a difficult one considering the steep rugged mountains to cross on the journey. Somewhere the rocks are sharp and pointy yet loose. They may put you in danger anytime. I would not recommend this to children, elderly people, and those who aren’t physically fit. Besides, at one place at the beginning, you will need to scramble through an erect gully. Be careful to keep enough space from each other since there is a possibility of rockfall on the man behind.   

Also, the rocks near the coastal area are very smooth and slippery making it more difficult to pass through. You will have to take extra precautionary measures in those areas. Moreover, those coastline areas are only explorable on low tide. So, make sure to check the tide time before going.   

Main Attractions of Sidab Beach  

Sidab Beach upholds a combination of extremely beautiful sceneries and the pristine culture of Oman. Besides hiking, camping, and water activities this place is also famous for its photographic background. You can capture some stunning pictures both on the way of trekking and near the beach. Moreover, there is a cemetery pointing out the tolerance of Oman towards other religions since it is a Christian burial place. It contains the grave of commonwealth soldiers who fought in world war I. The tombs are of unique shapes and center of attention for many tourists. Other attractions include:


Sidab Hike is difficult yet a worth doing adventure. It’s not a traditional hiking trail. There are ladders at some places for easy climbing though this hike is not safe for children. You will pass through the rugged coastline and pristine mountains on the way. However, the breathtaking scenery around the hilltop will give a memorable experience. Besides, the trail will take you to a couple of stunning beaches.  

The beautiful views of Al Bustan Palace will also be visible from here. The lonely environment here is another bonus especially if you come early in the morning. The timing of the hike depends on how many areas you want to explore. Covering the whole area requires 2-3 hours on average.  


Camping in Sidab Beach is not a familiar activity. Yet there are places you can camp and spend the night. The plane surface areas between the mountain are perfect places for camping. You can do it in a few areas near the coastline too. However, it’s better to ask the local guides about the areas because they may submerge during tides.   

Security will not be a problem here and you can camp with your families too. Keep in mind to take all the necessary equipment requires for camping. Take sufficient food, water, clothes, and first aid kits. The night view here between the mountains will truly be amazing for sure.   

Boat and Snorkeling 

The water activities of Sidab Beach are notable attractions. You’ll find several agencies who rent boats for going to the sea. You can watch dolphins in some places. You can also go swimming and snorkeling on these amazing beaches. The corals of Sidab Beach are stunning and pristine. Some of them are 300 years old and considered the oldest corals of Oman.   

Taking the help of an agency will be a wise decision since they will provide all the necessary equipment you will require. The rocks and corals are very sharp so don’t go barefoot. Try to do it in the morning as early as possible before the sun starts heating up.   

Some Useful Tips for Sidab Hike  

  1. Try to be respectful when you pass through the cemetery. The first few graves are very near to the tracking path and after that, you can avoid the later tombs.  
  2. Take all the necessary staff for hiking and camping if you want to do. Sunblock, water bottles hiking boots, swimming costumes, etc. are the very common gear you can take with you.  
  3. Park your car in the car parking area and do not park in front of any private property.  
  4. Do not go beyond the sign indicating Al Alam Palace Property it is strictly forbidden to pass those properties. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

How do I get into a dolphin boat tour? 

Many agencies rent boats and you can find one. Usually, the boat tours begin at 8 and 10 am with a duration of two hours. Payment can be done either by card or cash at your convenience.  

What type of hiking gear is required for Sidab Hiking? 

This is relatively tough trekking. The rocks are somewhere pointy and slippery. Hiking sneakers or boots require to complete the adventure. 

Where do I stay for overnight camping? 

People don’t camp here for an overnight stay. However, it’s secure and you will have an amazing experience doing it in the middle of the mountains. Find a plane surface and yore are good to go. However, don’t forget to bring all the necessary staff. 

Final Words  

Sidab Beach hiking is truly one of those experiences that you would not want to miss. Proximity to Muscat makes this place a great travel destination along with lots of attractions. Stunning views, adventurous trekking, and crazy water activities will blow your mind. Spending the weekly holiday here will be worth everything amid the hectic city life.  

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