Bandar Al Khairan

The 7 Reasons Tourists Love Bandar Al Khairan

Bandar Al Khairan

Oman is a country that contains some exquisite tourist destinations with many attractive features. Today I’ll be talking about such a place which offers so many attractions that you would be amazed. The place is none other than Bandar Al Khairan. This coastline in the west of Muscat is a popular holiday destination with some beautiful landscape and will give you a lifetime memorable experience if you visit.

All you need is some fresh breezes to charm yourself after a long hectic week. However, it becomes tricky to choose a place for lack of time and transportation facilities. But not in case of Bandar Al Khairan. It is one of the easily accessible places from Muscat due to the location.

How to Go Bandar Al Khairan.

Bandar Al Khairan is only 30 kilometers away from Muscat and will take around 45 minutes to reach by following the highways. The path is pretty much straight and, you can see the location here in Google Map. People also come here by boat from Bandar Al Rawdha Marina, situated at the center of Muscat. It also takes the same time that is around half an hour.

You can visit here any time of the year. Pick summertime if you want to enjoy the water sports since the water becomes cold in winter. Considering this, the perfect time to pay a visit is between March to September.

Reasons Why Tourists Love Bandar Al Khairan

In this part, we will discuss why this place is so popular among tourists. It is a place where mountains meet the sea with so many attractions. Out of all, we have picked seven, and here are the top seven reasons why tourists love this place so much. 

1. Hiking 

This place is decorated with mountains not much erect and perpendicular that is ideal for hiking. Though you will get to see the beautiful sceneries on the way while driving, yet hiking through the mountainous trail will charm you a lot when you move towards the far beaches.

While you enjoy your way to hiking, you will find the most amazing views from the top of those mountains. The best time for hiking is in the afternoon when you get to enjoy the breathtaking sceneries in the most dramatic way. I recommend staying on the mountain top for a moment.

The view of the islands, sapphire water, and the blue background of the ocean will amaze you to its highest level like Aadi Mibam. Moreover, enjoying the sunset from the mountains will be another bonus experience that you will cherish in the future for sure. However, finish the hiking before daylight expires if you want to come back on the same day.

2. Swimming 

Swimming is another attraction that allures people to visit this beautiful bay. The waters are azure and clear in most of the area. Near the land, the depth is not much that makes it an ideal place for swimming. You can take your children there without fear of danger since the waves are very polite containing less speed.

You can take a life jacket while swimming though it is not essential as long as you stay near the land. Due to quiet water, people go further deep into the ocean. Take your life jacket there in case you don’t know about swimming.

Swimming is also popular during a boat ride. Many people don’t like to miss the thrill of swimming in the deep ocean and, with due protection, they meet that desire here.

3. kayaking/Stand Up Paddle Board 

In not many places of Oman, you get to enjoy kayaking and similar water sports like riding stand-up paddleboards. Many agencies rent kayaking gears with or without guided tours. This place has several inlets and coves connected and, that is why suitable for kayaks and paddleboards.

You may choose kayaks or paddleboards at your convenience and explore the inlets at your wish and pace. However, make sure you have all your costumes and are well-attached with the safety hooks.

Many rental houses offer services throughout the week and, you can borrow gear from dawn to sunset. With a guided group tour, you can do this even after sunset, which is pretty much extraordinary. You will get a different thrill at night when the water is calm. The environment becomes silent without any noisy sounds. They will take you to islands where you can do campfire and barbeque with exploring the whole area.  

4. Snorkelling 

Bandar Al Khairan is a perfect place for snorkeling for its geographical structure. This place has 22 different snorkeling points to enjoy colorful corals and mesmerizing fish species. Some of the prominent diving points are Al-Munassir (a shipwreck), Mermaid Cove (a rocky bay), and Seahorse Bay. These sites have much enriched marine life and water resources with high visibility. 

Several agencies are there offering underwater activities with the gears like breathing tubes and goggles. The water here is crystal clear and, the experience you have is beyond imagination. You will see squids, Needlefish, Sea Turtles, and other types of fishes swimming in the coral reef.

You can enjoy snorkeling wearing a life jacket also in case you are not a good swimmer. The surface water will provide the required visibility. For time-saving, wear your swimsuits inside your apparel, and also don’t forget to take extra dry clothes for the return trip.

5. Boat Activities 

Another popular attraction of the place is especially for those who feel uncomfortable with saltwater and find it challenging to float them. Various guided packages are available here to take you far away from the deep bay and, you get to see the mind-blowing sceneries sitting on a boat.

The length of most of the boats available here is about 35-40 ft and, they make nearly flawless rides every time. There are enough safety measures in every boat with sufficient life jackets and, you can also take your children on the ride.

Watching dolphins staying on the boat is one of the must-do things here. The gaggle of dolphins at the deep sea would amaze you at the highest level. You can call yourself lucky after the experience since it is uncertain on every trip and, not all people get the experience.

6. Camping 

It would be a great decision if you spend at least a night here and camping. Campfire at this bay is extremely popular among tourists. The night would be exceptional around the campfire, making barbeque with lamb or chicken, and sitting with the cold breeze.

You can hire tents and camping gear from the tour agencies and plan to stay at night. They also offer several guided tour packages with a group. Either way, spending the night with breathtaking natural beauties would be a lifetime experience.

7. Wildlife

This place is a rich storehouse of wildlife. You will see various wildlife like turtles, snails, and oysters apart from dolphins, corals, and fishes. Most of its wildlife resources are beneath the sea near those coral reefs. During snorkeling, you will see how to diversify the whole area with sea animals.

There are birds though the number is few and, they may appear at the time of hiking. If you stay at night, you may see owls active to protect their area. Overall, the wildlife experience here is too good to attract people.

Things to Pack

We have noted few things that you should carry during the trip to get the most pleasant experience. Here they are:

  • Footwear suitable for hiking considering few areas will be slippery.
  • Fresh drinking water and snacks.
  • Sun protection including sunscreen, hat, sunglasses.
  • Swimming or bathing costumes to explore the beaches.
  • Camping gear and picnic materials if you want to add some more thrilling experience.
  • Camera with adequate battery and memory; Because this place has some of the most beautiful views you would not miss capturing.


Bandar Al Khairan is a gift from mother nature. Please do not ruin the beauty of the place by leaving any trash and rubbish. Collect and bring them back with you at the time of returning. It is our collective duty to protect authentic nature.

Final Words

From mountain exploration to enjoying beach life, Bandar Al Khairan has them all. There are endless reasons people love this iconic place of Oman so much. It provides some relief especially, to those people who don’t have much time to encounter nature often. Bandar Al Khairan falls in the category of those rare places, that have immense attractions with being easily accessible.


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