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Want to go to Wadi Mibam? You Need To Read This First.

Everything You Need to Know about Wadi Mibam hike(وادي ميبام).

With stunning waterfall, turquoise pool, and greenery scenery Wadi Mibam is one of the beautiful wadis in Oman. If you are an adventure lover, then visiting this place is a must-do thing in Oman. Wadi Mibam has so much to offer that you would be astonished at your first visit here. 

In this article, we will take you to the deep inside of Wadi Mibam. Whether you are planning to visit here or not, you will like this detailed portrayal for sure. 

Wadi Mibam Location- Hidden Surprise of Oman

There are reasons we call it a hidden surprise. Coming to Wadi Tiwi many people drive back after reaching the smooth road end. They often feel disappointed for not seeing some mesmeric deep pools. Not knowing about Wadi Mibam lead them to the mistake. 

This beautiful wadi is situated far inside the region towards the end of Mibam village. You will discover this wonder just at the center of the Tiwi mountains. Technically many people see it as a part of Wadi Tiwi. Wadi Mibam starts its area from the terminal end of Wadi Tiwi.

Until recently, this beautiful wadi was almost unknown to most people. It was indeed the hidden treasure of Oman. However, it is exploring its full potential now with superfluous attractions. 

How to Get to Wadi Mibam(Google MAP)

The path is more than 160 kilometers from Muscat to Wadi Mibam. Drive through Sharqiyah Highway on the way to Sur. Take the road of Tiwi, two kilometers after crossing Wadi Shab and the second bridge. We recommend taking a break here and explore the village.

From the village in Tiwi, you will need to drive ten more kilometers to reach Mibam village. The journey will require around 30 minutes. Journey through this road will give you the highest thrill since this confined and mountain road is slippery and a bit dangerous. 

Best Time to Go

You can visit this place any time of the year. Trekking will be a bit faltering during Summer due to hot sunshine. However, the weather is cold inside the wadi, and swimming and bathing in the pool will give a blissful experience.

From March to September though the temperature is intense, you get to feel the original taste of the wadi. After this, the water starts to become colder. It is almost impossible to swim in Winter. Also, try not to go immediately after heavy rainfall. The road from Wadi Tiwi to Mibam village will be very slippery and dangerous if you go just after a heavy shower.

Besides, this place is now crowded during holidays like other wadis of Oman. Avoid holidays if you want to enjoy the beauty all your own.

Some Necessary Information

  • You must bring a 4WD vehicle to cover the journey. Even a 2WD can get you in trouble at any moment on the slippery mountainous road. 
  • The parking area is very narrow. So is the road. Try to park your vehicle as compact as possible. Otherwise, it may create problems for the other tourists and the locals. 
  • You need not do fitness training before coming here. But do remember one thing- You can extract the highest enjoyment from this trip if you are fit enough. 
  • Going near the Mibam Waterfall, you have to swim for about 80-100 meters distance. Bring a lifejacket if you are not a good swimmer.


Wadi Mibam is full of captivating and unique attractions. Here are they:


For some, it may be a suffering experience. Yet you will love trekking through the narrow trail of the village. You will see large hogging stones, some tricky places on this journey. The greenery sceneries around are the most attractive part here.

Unlike many parts of Oman, people are dependent on agriculture here. Plenty of dates, palm, citrus, fruit trees like bananas truly make this place a beautiful oasis. Trekking through this scenic beauty will be a great experience.

Waterfall(Google MAP)

There are two stunning waterfalls to blow your mind away. The stairs will take you directly to the first and highest waterfall. It is about 15 meters long. A few meters down from here you will get another 10-meter-long waterfall. 

They flow all year round and are among the chief attractions here. Having a shower under them will give you heavenly pleasure at hot noon. 


Turquoise pools are also among the great attractions of this wadi. In between the two waterfalls, there are series of small pools with blue water. Thanks to the limestone rocks that help the water look sky-blue. Swimming in the crystal water of the pool will refresh your mind beyond imagination. 

After reaching the second waterfall deep inside a cave, you will get a big stunning pool. Not many people get to see the timeless beauty of this blue water pool which is the last point of Wadi Mibam. Arguably this is the most beautiful place of Wadi Mibam. You will get some divine feelings at this place. 

Spend the moment with relaxation swimming and capturing pictures. You can also have your lunch beside the sapphire water of the pool. 


Another unique attraction of this place and you can do challenging abseiling that will fill your adrenaline. You will get a long rope on your way down to the second waterfall. The distance is almost 10 meters. You can abseil here down right beside the waterfall. However, be watchful as the stones are slippery. 

You can do more abseiling if you take another route to reach the first waterfall. It will be a difficult path from the farms. You have to carry all the instruments by yourself. In this case, you will have to abseil down to reach the bottom of the waterfall. The option is only for those who want some extreme adventure.  

Things to Carry

Some important things will help you throughout this challenging journey. Never forget to bring them before going. Here, we listed few such things.


Going to pools and waterfalls yet requires water? Yes, you read it write. Water is probably the most important thing you should carry. A hydration bladder is even better if you can manage. Because that around 3-hour trekking will consume a lot of your energy and you need water that time. 

Sun Protection

Hat or cap, sunglasses, sunscreen are also some essential things to carry. You will need to protect your skin from the hot sun rays at noon.


Packing some snacks and food will be a great decision. After tiring hiking, you have to regain some calories before those water adventures. You can also have your lunch there. 

Water Shoes and Hiking Shoes

Beneath the water, the stones can hurt you. Also, your regular shoes may not be suitable for hiking. You will need water and hiking shoes. One pair of stiff shoes with grips that can work in water also is better.


If you want to swim through the sapphire water, extra clothes with a towel will require. Don’t forget to pack some clothes.

Waterproof Phone Cover

You can cover most of the area without getting wet. But you have to swim to pass through the last pool that is a great attraction for this trip. Never miss the chance to take some pictures there. A waterproof phone cover will require there.

Frequently Asked Questions 

These are some of the most common questions people ask about Wadi Mibam. Here are their answers.

Is this place safe for kids?

You can go with kids. There is no such big concern. However, going down to see the waterfall could be tricky with kids. You have to take the highest care of your kids if you want to take them there. 

How difficult is the whole trip?

Covering Wadi Mibam is a bit more difficult comparing with the trails of Wadi Shab and Wadi Bani Khalid. However, this will look easier if you visited Wadi Al Arbaeen. Average standard fitness will comfortably get you in there.

Is the road towards Mibam village from Wadi Tiwi dangerous?

There is no record of an accident on this route. The locals even drive faster. Still, it will be challenging for the drivers. Slow and watchful driving is enough for avoiding an accident.

How are the locals?

Inhabitants of this region are too much friendly. Most of them don’t know English. Yet you will get all types of help from the locals. They are much helpful.


Your notion of Wadis will change while visiting Wadi Mibam. After challenging hiking get in touch with mind-blowing pools and waterfalls- this is a unique experience. No doubt Wadi Mibam is one of the best attractions of Oman with so many attractions.

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