7 Facts That Nobody Told You About Wadi Arbaeen.

Wadi Al Arbaeen

Almost every other Hodophile wishes to visit a destination that appears to be a wonderland, where he can travel along beautiful roads surrounded by incredibly majestic huge mountains, hike cliffs of mountains, and witness the mesmerizing beauty of waterfalls, crystal clear deep blue water, and pools with enough depth to do cliff jumping. But he never dares to set his feet out simply because such mystically beautiful land does not exist. And if you’re in a similar scenario, Wadi Al Arbaeen is nothing more than a beautiful hidden gem for you. It’s the ideal holiday place for escaping boring daily life, especially if you enjoy the outdoors and trees.

According to the Tourism Ministry, “Wadi Al Arbaeen is declared one of the most beautiful wadis in the Sultanate, experiencing a constant flow of water from the eastern Hajar Mountains and providing a source of irritation to the surrounding villages and date palm farms.”

Wadi arbaeen location ( google maps)

Wadi Al Arbaeen is almost 143.3 km away from muscat. The fastest way to get to this Wadi is by car. Arbaeen is accessible only by a steep and stony road along the off-road. The off-road drive is <10 km. If you dare to take the chance and go through this dusty and bumpy road, make sure someone with road experience. If you go by yourself, you can follow the instructions.

  • Take a right turn on the highway to Sur, where the sign says Wadi Al Arbaeen.
  • The sign indicates 17 kilometers to Wadi Al Arbaeen and will direct you to a straight road; continue straight or turn right.
  • Choose the right fork and continue driving; you will come to a fork; take the left fork and continue driving.
  • The road will become a dirt road, but continue driving on it.
  • Finally, you will find another sign pointing left to Wadi Al Arbaeen. Turn left and go slowly over the rocks.
  • You will notice a village, a few homes, a school, a small supermarket.
  • You will begin to notice the Wadi to your left and the palm trees as you leave the village – continue driving for another 5 kilometers, and you will reach the Wadi.
  • This path doesn’t suit typical autos, although some might be too low and get hit by some road portions. A 4X4 vehicle is necessary. Try to park in a safe and secure location without blocking the road.
  • As we are all aware, summer temperatures in Oman can reach 45°/28°. Given this, the best months to visit Wadi Al Arbaeen are March and September. In the summer, hiking will be challenging, and the water will be slightly colder for swimming in the winter.

7 Major Tourist Attractions

Off-road adventure:

Almost 25 kilometers of the journey are off-road. Majestic mountains and greenery surround the entire trip. If you enjoy adventure, this route is for you. As you proceed further ahead, you will see the bulk of date and palm trees. The high mountain cliffs will take all of your attention. If you have someone skilled in off-road driving, you get to enjoy the timeless beauty of the journey while sitting and relaxing.


After parking your car by the large pool with the waterfall, you will start wadi arbaeen hike. The entire walk can take up to 6 hours, going to the very end and coming back. To start hiking, follow the gravel road the right up the Wadi, then walk along the left side of the river, past some pools, for as far as you can. This is not a simple hike; you’ll have to climb and swim to get to the end. Wear shoes that you can both hike and swim in, and bring a dry bag for valuables, stuff, and snacks. Start early and turn around in time to make it out before dark.

Wadi arbeieen
Wadi arbeieen


Arbaeen is the most phenomenal place for swimming. The visitor always says it is heaven for swimmers. There are so many pools of both small and large sizes that you never discover yourself out of water. Swimming in the cold water of those sapphire blue pools will blow your mind. The first two are not very deep. You can enjoy a bath even if you don’t know how to swim. These two are perfect for kids as well. The more you hike and go deep, you will discover many other beautiful watersheds.


On the way to trekking, there will be some waterfalls- most of them are very small. You will find the most stunning one at the edge of your hiking journey. Locals named it Al hail Waterfall and some people even call it the Secret Waterfall too. Due to a difficult path, not many people come to this end. But if you manage to reach here, this wondrous waterfall with its splendid scenery will be worth your hardship. The water here is also comparatively colder. This place is perfect if you want to spend some relaxing time and shower with serenity.

Rock Climbing:

Yes, you are reading it right. To reach the largest secret waterfall, you have to do some rock-climbing work. It is more like bouldering where you need to cross some large stones and straight cliffs too. We would not recommend trying this alone because there are few spots where you will need the assistance of a partner to take both up.

Cliff jumping:

Why visit a wadi if you do not get the vibrant feel of cliff jumping? It is another great attraction of Wadi Al Arbaeen. So many small and large stones surround the pools from where you can jump onto the water. It will be more fun if you can make the trek to the end. The last pool contains the highest cliffs around it and you will get the real thrill of cliff jumping. However, be careful if you cannot swim.


People usually prefer visiting Wadi Al Arbaeen on a single-day trip. If it is not enough or you want some more adventure, there is an opportunity for camping also. There are many flat spaces suitable for tent placement near the first pool. You don’t have to face the hassle of carrying camping gear since it is just beside the parking area. Spending a night at such a beautiful place near a pool and swimming there the next day would be breathtaking. You can enjoy yourself with your family without worrying since this place is safe.

Breathtaking Sceneries:

You will hardly understand the beauty of this place by seeing pictures and videos only. This stunning Wadi is simply one of the best ones that Oman gets. Villages with the date and palm trees make it a beautiful oasis in the Sultanate. Besides, the blue water pools in between high-range mountain cliffs add another dimension here. You will often notice people recommend in the reviews to take fully charged cameras with extra memory so that you never miss any part of this natural masterpiece.

Don’t Forget to Take

  • First aid kits. Since it is always safe to carry them to an outing like this. The hiking would be hearty and, surrounded by those stones, cliffs, and craggy trails, there is always a possibility of injury.
  • You will see no fuel station nearby the wadi region. Fill up the gases of your vehicle to their limit before entering into it.
  • Swimming gear for a better water experience and more fun.
  • Sun protection considering the hot sunny days of summer. It includes sunscreen, an umbrella, hat, cap, or anything you feel is handy.
  • Wadi Al Arbaeen is getting more and more popular with the tourists, and the attendance is also gradually increasing. However, unlike some other wadis of the Sultanate, the deeper side of the Wadi still contains comparatively fewer foot drops. It is the epitome of what we know about raw nature. Please do not throw away any garbage or plastics anywhere.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is There Any Dress Restriction for Women?

Not particularly. You are free to wear any open dress. However, try to show the least respect to the local culture since it is an Islamic country.

How Much Fitness is Required to Complete the Hike?

It is tricky depending on how your body functions. You don’t need any effort to reach the first two pools since they are very near to the parking spots. But the path after that is a bit difficult and requires standard fitness.

Can I take my 2WD or SUV for a ride there?

They should be okay. Yet there are chances to get hit by stones on some arrows of the trail. We recommend taking a 4WD vehicle to stay safe.

Is This Place Safe for Children?

It is better not to take your kids further inside of the Wadi. However, it’s safe for the first two pools since their depth is low and you can have fun with your kids there.

Final Words

Wadi Al Arbaeen is what we call a perfect combination of waters, mountains, and natural elegance. It is one of the best wadis of Oman if not the best. This place has everything to charm and refreshes your soul with so many things to offer. Are you looking for something like a wonderland with a complete package? Wadi Al Arbaeen could be the place and your go-to-go vacation destination in Oman.

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  1. An excellent place to spent vacations. You should spent at least a day and do the camping. Keep enough water, snacks, and food, since no super market in the wadi. Keep mosquito replant. Take care of muddy trails and respect the local culture and ethics, though locals are very cooperative.

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