Al Alya Village

Hidden Gem Al Alya Village|Everything you need to know

Al Alya Village

If you want to spend your weekly holiday with peaceful serenity, then visiting a village in Oman would be a perfect choice. In this article, we will talk about such a village that will charm you in the highest possible way. We are talking none other than Al Alya Village here. People call it the “Magic of Nature” for its stunning beauty and splendid environment. Whether you are planning for a solo trip with your family or friends, this is a place that you can keep at the top of your bucket list.  

Al Alya Village Location (Google Map)

This beautiful village is in the Waliyat of Al Awabi at the starting point of Wadi Bani Kharus in between Nakhal and Rustaq. It is one of the easily accessible places around the capital city Muscat having maintained tarmac all the way. From Muscat, the distance is 150 kilometers. Therefore, it will take around one and a half kilometers to reach the village. This path between the mountains will give you some thrilling experience from the very beginning. You will find a castle welcoming you warmly at the entrance of Wadi Bani Kharus. From this castle, the distance of the village is 20 kilometers. After crossing the space, you will reach your destination, where green farms will extend their hospitality. There are several signboards towards the village on the road to make the path easier for the visitors. 


Al Alya Village is one of the beautiful villages of Oman. This village has got incredible weather, unlike other parts of Oman. Even in the peak summer, rainfall happens sometimes. However, you will feel comfortable due to the cold breeze flowing all year round. Everywhere shades of green trees like lemons, mangoes, and grapes create this beautiful oasis in this sandy region. Also, plenty of fresh flowing Aflaj make harmony with water and enlarge the beauty of this place to a different level. It is one of the few places in Oman where you will get enriched history, charming nature, along with several adventurous sites to enjoy. 

There are many unique farms throughout the place, mainly near the Jabal Akhdar’s slope. These farms are the signature characteristic of this village. Due to the strong fertility of the land and freshwater, crops of this place are of the highest quality. The fruits and vegetables of this village are famous in the whole country. Locals here produce a diversity of fruits like grapes, mangoes, bananas, pomegranates, peaches, papaya, olive, and also vegetables like onion, garlic, tomato, pepper, lettuce, lemon, and many others. Agriculture is the paramount profession of these people for this reason. 

You will also find the rich history in many archeological sites like the Tomb of Sheikh Jayed Bin Khamais Al Kharusi, House of Al Sarooq, Mosque of Sheikh Jayed Bin Khamais, many inscriptions, writings, and drawings on rocks. These inscriptions are not only valuable to people of this area, but also, they are national treasures. Based on the information found in them, archeologists and researchers traced the ancient history of the Omani people years ago. 

You can see the surrounding places the whole day. Trekking here is relatively easy, and people of any age can cover this simple walk. There is a beautiful water spring named “Cold Eye” by the locals which flows the whole year. Some waterbodies are also present nearby. You can swim in them provided you bring enough clothes. The scenic beauty of this place will take us to an unreal world for some time. Trees in between mountains- certainly this place is worth visiting for a day trip.

The serenity of the village and the calmness of the people here will undoubtedly compel you to come here multiple times. The hospitality of the locals has goodwill throughout the country. They will welcome you everywhere with a natural smile on their face. Some may offer you to sit with them and have a cup of delicious Omani coffee. 

Some Useful Advice 

Any type of Sedan car is decent enough to come to this place. You may take a four-wheel drive, but it is not necessary at all. Please be respectful to the local customs and norms though they may not tell you anything. We suggest wearing respectful clothes and keeping calm while visiting the surrounding area. Please don’t through litter and plastics here and there.

Al Alya Village Location  ?

Al Alya Village

This beautiful village is in the Waliyat of Al Awabi at the starting point of Wadi Bani Kharus in between Nakhal and Rustaq.

Why is Al Alya Village called Magic of Nature?

People call it the “Magic of Nature” for its stunning beauty and splendid environment.

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