Al Alam Palace

Al Alam Palace

Well, what is special about Al Alam Palace? or is it building?

al alam palace

Author Peter J. Ochs wrote “When you visit the main gates of Al Alam Palace, it is unlike any other capital you will ever visit. The palace itself is elegant but humble in design, unlike the grandiose structures of other capitals.” The Place is Oman’s most flamboyant example of contemporary Islamic design, with two long wings centered on  a colorful, cube-like center d building. IT is flatly overhanging roof supported by extravagantly flared blue and gold columns. 

One of the six sultan residences of the monarch has a history of over 200 years. Former Sultan’s used to live in a house called Bait Al Alam, which was demolished in the early 70s. This new Palace to be the official residence of the Sultan of Oman. This official residence is used to receive distinguished guests who visit the country. Though primarily a ceremonial palace, there is a guest villa in the palace with its own pool, spa and walled gardens.

However, visitors will only be allowed to see the Palace from outside the gates and can take photographs from there.


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