Muscat night 2023

Discover Muscat Nights 2023

Muscat Nights 2023

Muscat Nights’ innovative concept is entirely different from the Muscat Festival, which is more focused on traditional elements like heritage, culture, and food and is the most significant community, cultural, and entertainment event in the governorate of Muscat.

Activities go beyond promoting domestic and international tourism and supporting local enterprises by providing an environment for social and cultural development and connection.

Muscat night festival aims to provide an exciting experience to people of all ages, backgrounds, and nationalities, allowing them to explore their heritage and culture, interact with the local community, experience the hospitality of Omani people, and have access to cultural activities and events.

Furthermore, Muscat Nights offers a platform for creative minds and entrepreneurs to showcase their innovative ideas.

A unique combination of entertainment, culture and community – all under one roof.

The location of Muscat Night 2023?

Muscat night 2023

The event will be held at four venues – 

1. Qurm Natural Park
2. Al Naseem Park
3. Oman Automobile Association (OAA)
4. Oman Convention and Exhibition Center OCEC)

What is the occasion for Muscat Night?

1. Promoting domestic and foreign tourism 
2. Entrepreneurs to display their unique ideas
3. Supporting local industries 
4. Entertainment, cultural and community events

How to book a ticket for muscat nights?

Through or On events.

Muscat night entrance fees

For Individual:
Qurm Natural Park: 200 Baisa
Al Naseem Park: 200 Baisa
Oman Automobile Association (OAA): Update Soon
Oman Convention and Exhibition Center OCEC): Update Soon

Free Entry 
1. Children under the age of 12 
2. People with disabilities

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